April 23rd, 2016

Oregon Convention Center

Portland, OR

#1 Contender Tournament - First Round
Darby Graves defeated Johnny Flynn

King Khash defeated Buddy Wayne

Erick Locker defeated Manny Rioz

Carlito defeated Christopher Ryseck

Global Force Wrestling Tag Team Championship

The Bollywood Boyz defeated The Cunninghams

to retain GFW Tag Team Titles

#1 Contender Tournament - Semi Finals

Erick Locker defeated Darby Graves

Carlito defeated King Khash

#1 Contender Tournament - Finals
 defeated King Khash

Erick Locker defeated Carlito

to become #1 Contender for WrestleSport Heavyweight Championship


May 30th, 2015

Oregon Convention Center

Portland, OR

The Cunninghams defeated Jorel Nelson & Christopher Ryseck

Buddy Wayne defeated Johnny Flynn

Chico Cholo defeated Nelson Creed

Mannie Rioz was attacked by Chris Masters and deemed unable to compete

Kenny Lush defeated King of the Yukon

Darby Graves defeated Khash

Krystal defeated Violet w/ Skarlet

Chris Masters defeated Mason Ryan

to become WrestleSport Heavyweight Champion

August 16th, 2014

Oregon Convention Center

Portland, OR

Bryan Alvarez defeated Buddy Wayne

Mannie Rioz defeated JJ Williams

The Cunninghams defeated Jorel Nelson Christopher Ryseck

Chris Masters ​was deemed injured and not medically cleared to compete in the main event

Chris Masters defeated Mannie Rioz in a Master Lock Challenge

Mason Ryan defeated Adam Pearce w/ Chris Masters

to become the first WrestleSport Heavyweight Champion

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